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Unlike our previous comparison with $5 meal kits, this time there are a few more options. For this ranking, I’ll try something a bit different. Instead of ranking from best to worst, I’ll state which is the best in a certain category. Let’s get to it!

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Best Overall Food Box: Home Chef

Home Chef Ingredients Laid Out

Starting off our list is what I consider the best meal kit at this price point. Not only does Home Chef have a good variety of recipes, but they also have different types of meal kits.

Whether you want a traditional meal kit, a 15-minute meal kit, or an easy prep meal kit, Home Chef will cater to your needs. In addition, you also have the ability to change the kinds of proteins you want. 

The meals themselves are top-notch in terms of flavor and ingredient quality. Very easy to cook and one of the best experiences I’ve had with a meal kit.

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Best Organic Food Box: Green Chef

Green Chef Meal Kit

There aren’t many food boxes at this price point that offer certified organic meals. This is why Green Chef made the list. While Green Chef doesn’t have the largest menu, they do offer 3 different kinds of menus based on your dietary preference. 

Although not all ingredients are certified organic, it’s still amazing that they were able to offer such premium ingredients at an affordable price. All the meals I’ve tried are fantastic and they each came with their own salad.

If you’re looking for a certified organic meal kit that may also fit your specific diet, Green Chef is the way to go. Again, my only con are the amount of recipes available per week.

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Best Cooking Food Box: Blue Apron

front of blue apron box

Cooking meal kits can be quite time-consuming at times. It can take a while to prep all your ingredients before you can even start cooking. Most of the time, I spend more time than is indicated on the recipe card. This is where Blue Apron comes in.

Although it’s still your traditional meal kit, I liked that Blue Apron gives you all the ingredients needed for a recipe. For me, I didn’t even have to open the fridge to grab my own ingredients! It’s also great that they give you exact amounts for each ingredient.

Furthermore, most vegetables are already pre-cut for you. A large amount of prep time has been eliminated which means less cooking time overall! This is perfect for those who like cooking but aren’t really a fan of getting everything prepared.

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Best Convenience Food Box: Freshly

Let’s say you don’t have time to cook. You come home from a long day of work and you’re too tired or lazy to cook a meal. You’re also not a huge fan of frozen meals. Then Freshly is a good option for you!

All the meals are pre-cooked and shipped to your door. All you have to do is microwave each meal and you’re ready to eat! I really enjoyed the convenience factor of this meal kit. It’s perfect for students, busy individuals, and people who are too lazy to cook.

Of course there are some downsides to eating microwaved foods. The food won’t be as tasty compared to freshly cooked meals. The meals themselves can be hit or miss as well.

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The Other Two

There are two meal kits I’ve reviewed that are not included in this list. Those being Martha & Marley Spoon and HelloFresh. Why? I felt like they offered similar experiences to the meal kits at the lower price point.

That being said, I do think both offer delicious meals. As they’re both highly reputable meal kits, I know some of you guys may want to try them. I’d definitely recommend both of them but they aren’t my top picks.

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Thanks for reading! I hope this type of meal kit ranking has helped you out!

Let me know your thoughts on any of the meal kits listed above.

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