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Blue Apron is another brand I often see from ads or other types of media. It seems to be fairly popular as well. Putting popularity aside, is the Blue Apron meal kit worth a try? Let’s find out!

Blue Apron also has a wine program but I won’t talk about it in this review.

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Summary: Blue Apron Food Subscription Box

I’d recommend Blue Apron for anyone who:

  • Likes all ingredients provided
  • Is looking for vegetarian options
  • Enjoys easy to cook recipes
  • Enjoys quick cooking meals (around 30 min or less)
My Rating

Plans & Pricing

Blue Apron has plans that serve 2 and 4 people. From there, you can select 2-4 meals per week for their “Signature” plan and 2-3 meals for their “Vegetarian” plan. 

Even if you choose the “Vegetarian” plan, I believe you’ll still have access to the whole menu. If not then you’ll be severely limited in terms of options when compared to the other plans.

The most expensive plan starts at $9.99/serving. The price only decreases when switching to the 4 Serving “Signature” Plan which ranges from $8.99/serving to $7.49/serving. 

Shipping is free for a majority of plans. However, there is a $7.99 shipping fee for the 2 serving, 2 recipes/week plans (Signature & Vegetarian).

Below is a price breakdown of all their plans. Without the discounts of course.

 Meals Per WeekCost Per ServingServing CostsDelivery FeeTotal Weekly Costs
2 Serving Signature2$9.99$39.96$7.99$47.95
4 Serving Signature2$8.99$71.92FREE$71.92
2 Serving Vegetarian2$9.99$39.96$7.99$47.95
2 Serving Wellness2$9.99$39.96$7.99$47.95

Shipping & Delivery

Like many others, Blue Apron delivers to the contiguous United States. Perhaps the only way to tell if they deliver to you is if you sign up. Here’s some more information regarding their delivery: 

  • You can receive delivery 7 days a week (depending on your area). 
  • The ingredients in the package are kept cool using refrigerants and insulated thermal liners (recommended to fridge all items immediately after delivery). 
  • You can edit your address in your “Account Settings” under “Delivery Info” later.
  • You can change your delivery day in “Account Settings” under “Plan Settings”.

Recipe Selection

After signing up, your meals are pre-selected based on your taste profile options chosen at sign up. This can be changed in your “Account Settings” under “Dietary Selections” .

Your meals are also easy to edit. Head to the “Upcoming” tab and choose the desired week. Hit the “Change Recipes” button and choose your meals. There are premium meals that cost extra for those interested.

Blue Apron offers different amounts of meals each week as some can be discontinued. Usually, the “Signature for 4” has less options though. There are also Meal Preps (for additional cost) which offer 4 different meals but are only available for delivery on Fridays.

Every meal indicates how long it’ll take to cook. Some meals are listed as vegetarian and there are also Weight Watchers Approved meals. Sometimes they partner with chefs to bring special recipes as well.

Below is an example of what you’d see when choosing your meals.

Skipping & Cancellation

To skip a week, go to your “Upcoming” tab and desired week. Next, click “Manage Delivery” and the first option is “Skip This Delivery”. It’ll ask you to confirm and you’re done!

At first, I thought you’d have to contact customer service in order to cancel but I found a way. Go to your “Account Settings” and click on “Account Info”. Hit “Edit Account” and at the bottom you’ll see “Status”. Click “Manage Status” and from there you can cancel!

It’s a bit odd that they hide it away. Maybe they don’t want people cancelling?

Ingredients & What's Not Provided

When you check a recipe on Blue Apron’s menu, it seems like they give you every ingredient needed for the meal. So far this is the only meal kit to do that.

Below is an example for their Crispy Tilapia & Caper Mayo with Salt & Vinegar Potatoes. It shows all the ingredients needed for the recipe. There’s no indication of whether you need your own ingredients so I’m assuming not!

Inside The Box

On delivery day, you’ll receive a blue and brown box. It’s a simple but clean box design with Blue Apron clearly visible. As usual, you can find a small label indicating where each ingredient is sourced from.

Upon opening the box, you’ll be greeted with some cool box flaps. Inside the box is a foil-like packaging which looks and feels premium. This was one of the nicest unboxing experiences so far (although no samples).

The ingredients aren’t organized like others at this price point but they seem high quality. It’s nice of them to give you every ingredient needed for the dish. A pouch is used to store liquids and smaller ingredients.

Meal Review

Personally, I got a 2 meal plan for 2 people. Let’s see if Blue Apron has is worth the higher price. Below are short reviews of the meals I got. For more in-depth reviews, check out my full Blue Apron meal reviews.

The first meal in my box was the Creamy Prosciutto & Tomato Pasta. This is a very unique meal with many different ingredients. With many ingredients, you’ll find a variety of flavors. For me, some worked well and others didn’t (aka the capers).

The second meal in the box was the Chicken & Wonton Noodle Stir-Fry. For a vegetarian meal, this was very good! I was afraid that the lack of protein would weigh this dish down but I was wrong. It was the better dish of the two I tried. 

There are two additional meals I tried after my first box: Pork Chorizo Burgers and One-Pot Chicken & Udon Noodles. The burgers were alright but the udon was delicious!

There’s hardly any complaints for Blue Apron. I guess the only things I would’ve liked are ingredient organization and more meal options per week. The price is a bit steep for a meal kit but it seems like you get your money’s worth.

Should You Try Blue Apron?

I’d recommend Blue Apron for anyone who:

  • Likes all ingredients provided
  • Is looking for vegetarian options
  • Enjoys easy to cook recipes
  • Enjoys quick cooking meals (around 30 min or less)
My Rating

I hope you learned something new from my Blue Apron meal kit review!

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